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Cheap Flights to New Zealand

Whether you want action and adventure, stunning scenery, mystical Maori stories, or a laidback lifestyle, those cheap flights to New Zealand mean you can have all the above plus much more. Imagine getting some flights to New Zealand with Vayama one minute and then in a few days you could be bungee jumping from great heights or checking out the latest haka display at a cultural event.

It may be small but New Zealand packs a punch of a holiday destination, for all the right reasons. If you grab some flights to New Zealand you can explore volcanic landscapes, experience delectable wine tastings, or enjoy the thermal waters, mud pools, and spouting geysers at Rotarua.

The southerly most point of New Zealand is Stewart Island, a tiny piece of quiet where you have the best chance of spotting kiwis in their natural habitat. At Rakiura National Park you can kayak and trek, listen out for parakeets, and dip into the refreshing waters. It might not be the capital but Auckland is the biggest city in the country and is surrounded by two magnificent harbours. Visit the Auckland Museum to learn more about the Maori culture, and swim with fish at the Goat Island Marine Reserve.

Before you embark on your homeward flights New Zealand has a surprise up its sleeve – the Franz Joseph and Fox glaciers on the west coast of the southern island. You can take guided walks to get up close to the ice or even view it from the air with a skydive or on a helicopter.

It might be halfway around the world but it is still possible to get cheap flights to New Zealand especially if you purchase them from Vayama. Choose which destination you want to use for your flights New Zealand bound, whether that be Wellington, Auckland, or Christchurch, then what time of year, and Vayama will do the rest for you. Rest assured, the cost of your flights to New Zealand will be a darned sight cheaper than most others on your plane!

New Zealand Etiquette Tips

Flying to Auckland? New Zealanders are friendly and polite. As a guest to their country, return their hospitality by being polite in return. In order to respect those in New Zealand, learn a bit about their culture and etiquette. Below is a list of New Zealand etiquette to help you blend in on your trip to New Zealand.

1. Dress Attire

  1. DO dress conservatively and formally for business occasions. Men should wear dark suits with a conservative tie and white shirt. Women should wear suits, dresses, or skirts and blouses in modest colors.
  2. DO wear casual attire for less formal occasions. Keep your clothes neat.

2. Table Manners

  1. DO keep your hands above the table, but don't put your elbows on the table, either!
  2. DO put your fork and knife parallel on the plate with the handles facing to the right when you are done eating.
  3. DON'T be loud and obnoxious while drinking.
  4. DO expect afternoon tea between 3 and 4 PM. Tea is between 6 and 8 PM, served along with a meal. Supper is a light snack, such as coffee and dessert, and is served later.

3. Tipping

  1. DON'T Tip, it's not customary in New Zealand. However, if the service was outstanding, a tip is most certainly appreciated!

4. Gift Giving and Accepting Gifts

  1. **DO **open your gift upon receipt.
  2. DO give gifts such as flowers, chocolate, liquor, or a book about your home country.

5. Body Gestures

  1. DON'T make the “V for Victory” sign.

6. Greetings

  1. **DO **exchange handshakes and smiles upon greeting someone. Maintain eye contact during greetings.
  2. DO wait for a woman to extend her hand for a handshake first.
  3. DO say “How do you do?” when first meeting someone. Once you get to know a person “Hello” is an acceptable greeting.

7. Visitors Etiquette

  1. DO bring your hosts a gift.
  2. DO bring your own beer (B.Y.O.) if invited to a barbecue. You may also be invited to bring your own meat or a salad.

8. Business Meeting

  1. DO make an appointment at least a week in advance, by fax, phone, or email. Avoid December and January, which is summer vacation in New Zealand.
  2. DON'T be late! It will make an incredibly bad impression.
  3. DON'T expect New Zealanders to try to negotiate. It's not part of their culture, so start negotiations realistically.
  4. DON'T make promises you can't keep or make exaggerated claims.
  5. DO be direct and honest.

9. Maori & Marae Etiquette

  1. DO visit a marae, which is a sacred place that serves both social and religious purposes in Maori society. Maori are the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand. If you wish to visit a marae, you should do so in an organized marae visit.
  2. DON'T enter a marae without seeking permission first.
  3. DO follow the lead of those around you, there is often a protocol to be followed in Maori welcoming and greeting, but the protocol can vary.
  4. DON'T eat food until it has been blessed.
  5. DO show your gratitude and respect by singing a song from your home country.
  6. DO ask permission before photographing Maori buildings or landmarks.

10. Socializing and Conversation

  1. DO understand that the word “Kiwi” is not an offensive name when referring to New Zealanders. They will call themselves Kiwis, too!
  2. DON'T confuse New Zealanders with Australians.

New Zealand is a very friendly place to travel to, but it's important to learn the country's etiquette. You'll fit in much better and show more respect, especially if traveling to a marae. Have a wonderful trip to New Zealand.

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